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We’re good at justifying.

February 19, 2014

Covetousness we call ambition. Hoarding we call prudence. Greed we call industry.  -Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline

Shall I go on?!

Workaholism we call loyalty.
Pride we call confidence.
Laziness we call relaxation.
Lust we call appreciation.
Anger we call passion.

We’re gluttons in the name of community.  We’re liars to avoid perceived potential conflict.  We want a better car or house or vacation but we chalk it up to high motivation… that’s a good thing, right?  We are excellent sin justifiers!

The above excerpt from Celebration of Discipline struck me as I was reading the chapter entitled “Simplicity.”  I paused, re-read, processed, and was almost instantly convicted.  I do exactly this all the time.  Thankfully, I have a God who loves me and forgives me.  I have a God who points out these shortcomings and continually convinces me that I need to change.  If I’m going to begin to walk down a path towards a life of simplicity, I’ve got to call my sin by its first name.  When I do that, it begins to loosen its grip on me.  I call that a good start.

I am currently participating in a book study centered around the above-mentioned book.  Though not even half way through it, it’s becoming clear that it will have a huge impact on my understanding of how I relate to God through personal discipline.  If you’re interested in picking it up for yourself, it comes highly recommended.  Check it out here.

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